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62157. Bromine Dispenser 62157. Floating Chlorine Bromine. Dispenser 62157. Floating Chlorine Bromine Dispenser 62157. With home furniture, you can save with: Bath Faucets Modern Beautiful Floating Chlorine Bromine Dispenser 62157online at low prices, We offer a large variety of styles at some of the best prices available online!

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3" Chlorine Bromine Tablet Tabs Dispenser/floater for Swimming Pool Spa, Floating 1" or 3" Chlorine Tablet Flaoter/Dispenser for Swimming Pool, Spa. 7".., By Swimming Pool Chlorine Add To Cart There is a problem adding to cart.

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A floating pool chlorinator and brominator is designed to dispense just the right amount of sanitizer into the pool water. Floating pool chlorine and bromine dispensers can accommodate one inch bromine tablets, one inch and three inch chlorine tablets and chlorine sticks, providing great flexibility of use.

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Naturally eliminate algae and contaminants to dramatically reduce bromine or chlorine usage Floating pool chlorinators are extremely easy to use, and help maintain well sanitized and chemically balanced water in your pool or spa.

Pentair R171074 335 Chlorine/Bromine Floating Dispenser

This 335 chlorine/bromine floating dispenser is used for spas and small swimming pools. Linear polyethylene and foam filled. Rate of chemical dispensing is controlled by unique dial device. Holds 1-inch tablets only and available in blue and white color. Measures 9 …


a test kit such as the Rainbow Lifegard #752 to determine chlorine residual or the X756 for Bromine. Note (*) Chemical 600indicates either Bromine or Chlorine. Note: Sunlight, rainfall, water temperature, number of bathers and frequency of Spa/Hot tub use affect the rate of chemical* depletion. Under these

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TabMaster Floating Tablet Feeder is the best way to dispense hot tub, spa or pool sanitizer tablets. Adjustable. Accepts tabs up to 1-3/8"D, sold separately., Shop for Floating Bromine-Chlorine Dispenser-Feeder at, Accessories, Tab Master, AC1001

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The Ocean Blue Chlorine and Bromine Dispenser is designed to simplify your pool maintenance process and allow you more time to enjoy your swimming pool. Simply set up your dispenser with your choice of tabs and let it chlorinate or brominate your pool. Compatible with chemical tabs up to 3 in ...

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Floating Bromine-Chlorine Dispenser-Feeder- AC1001 $7.95 …lock release rate. Weighted bottom cap to keep it floating upright. Accepts tabs up to 1-3/8"D. Tablets sold separately. Also known as: brominator or chlorinator; chlorine float, bromine float, bromine dispenser. Our Tab Master adjustable Floating Tablet Feeder is the best way to dispense spa…

Swimline 8725 - Floating Chlorine/Bromine Dispenser

The Swimline Floating Chlorine/Bromine Dispenser holds 3 inch tablets and floats around your swimming pool to evenly distribute the chemicals throughout the entire pool. It uses a locking cap and adjustable control ring to keep the chemicals inside as they dissolve into the water.

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For dispensing chlorine or bromine to maintain clean, healthy pool and spa water. Adjustable-release ring gives you control of the level of chlorine/bromine needed for proper balance of chemicals. The twist-lock cap is easy for quick refilling as needed. The poly-foam inner core keeps the dispenser ...

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For use with 1" or 3" chlorine or bromine tablets. Floating 1" or 3" Chlorine/Bromine Tablet Dispenser. Great for holding and dispensing chemical tablets in …

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To determine the number of tablets and best baffle setting on a floating chlorinator, test the chlorine level over a few days, to find the sweet spot of 1.0-2.0 ppm of free chlorine. If the chlorine tests low, add more tablets and/or open the baffle vents fully, and if the chlorine tests high, remove some tablets, or close the baffle vents more.

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Use this Chlorine / Bromine Floating Feeder in your pool or in your spa for daily sanitizing. Since it holds either chlorine or bromine tablets, it's one product that can do either job very well.

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Floating Chlorine Bromine Dispenser For Swimming Pools Shaped As A Swan Let this beautiful floating swan dispenser make pool maintenance fun. This dispenser works great with 3 inch or 1 inch chlorine and bromine tabs or sticks.

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Pool Spa Hot Tub Adjustable Floating Chlorine/Bromine Chemical Dispenser 1" Tab See more like this 4 Swimline Hydrotools 8725 Swimming Pool Adjustable Floating Chlorine Dispensers FREE 1-3 DAY DELIVERY WITH HASSLE-FREE, 30-DAY RETURNS!

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A floating pool chlorinator, also known as a floating chlorine dispenser or feeder, ensures your swimming pool stays sanitized. Swimming pool chlorine floaters typically require a 3-inch chlorine ...

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Large adjustable floating chemical dispenser fits 1 in. or 3 in. chemical tablets. Adjustable settings control chemical distribution. For use with chlorine or bromine tablets.

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Spa and Hot Tub Bromine or Chlorine Floater Take steps to make water maintenance simpler than ever before with pool tools like this small size bromine/chlorine floating feeder. Designed to work with both small Intex pools or spas and hot tubs, there is nothing quite as easy as using this feeder.

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The Bromine Floater is adjustable to provide the desired amount of exposure to your bromine tablets to allow them to dissolve and provide the proper amount of sanitizer into the water. The Floater works with 1" bromine or chlorine tablets and can accept tablets that are up to 1 3/8" in diameter.

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Cool Penquin Floating Chemical Dispenser's Small floating dispenser holds 1" Chlorine or Bromine tablets. Easy adjustable dispersement. Great accent for spas and small swimming pools while keeping them sanitized! Large capacity chemical dispenser. Holds up to 3 lbs. of 3" chlorine …

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Bromine/Chlorine Products for a hot tub or spa. Bromine tablets, @ease floating chlorine products, dichlor and salt systems. FREE shipping on orders over $100!

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Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, a chemical feeder is a quick and efficient way to distribute chlorine or bromine. There are three types of chemical feeders: floating, in-line, and off-line.

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3" Chlorine Bromine Tablet Tabs Dispenser/floater for Swimming Pool Spa, Floating 1" or 3" Chlorine Tablet Flaoter/Dispenser for Swimming Pool, Spa. 7".., By Swimming Pool Chlorine Add To Cart There is a problem adding to cart.

SPA FROG ® Floating System

The SPA FROG Floating System enhances a standard hot tub up to 600 gallons with its patented delivery of minerals and a low dose of bromine. This hot tub Fresh Mineral Water ® system eliminates the need for daily maintenance & chlorination, improves water quality and removes the unmistakable smell of chlorine, all the while reducing bromine ...

Swimline 8725 Floating Chlorine/Bromine Dispenser

Allow the Swimline Floating Chlorine/Bromine Dispenser to float around your pool carrying and evenly distributing 3 inch tablets throughout your swimming pool. It uses a locking cap and adjustable control ring to keep the chemicals inside as they dissolve into the water.

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Test the bromine or chlorine daily for the next few days; if the bromine stays between 2-6 ppm, the float is calibrated If it remains above 6 ppm, use fewer tablets and continue testing If the bromine level drops below 2 ppm, add fast-acting chlorine to get a 3-5 ppm reading and add extra bromine tablets

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Floating Dispensers - Floating dispensers are filled with either bromine or chlorine tablets and float in your hot tub. They have small, adjustable openings to …

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Our floating chlorine and bromine dispensers are made from high quality durable plastic. large, 3 inch tablets. Easy to fill and adjust to your pool or spa's chemical needs. Simply fill with chlorine or bromine tabs and let it work on its own to keep your pool or spa's water chemically balanced and sterilized.

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Floating Chlorine or Bromine Feeder for Spa Add to Quote This Floating Chemical Dispenser is constructed of high impact polypropelene plastic, for durability and years of trouble-free service.

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Splash 16221 Apollo Floating Chlorine Dispenser $15.99 Swimline 8725 Floating Chlorine/Bromine Dispenser $11.99 Game 4002 Derby Duck Chlorinator $26.99 ... Leslie's Splasher Floating Bromine Dispenser $15.49 Game 8000 Duck Spa Brominator $14.49 Nature 2 FUSION Inground Chlorine …

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ATIE PoolSupplyTown Floating 1" Mini Small Chlorine and Bromine Tabs Dispenser with Built-in Floating Thermometer for Pool, Spa, Jacuzzi, Hot Tub, Fountain. by ATIE. $7.29 $ 7 29 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. 3.4 out of 5 stars 55. Product Features Floating mini chlorine & bromine tabs dispenser with a thermometer.